Junior Listening 2

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A: ……, do you have any preference for where you would like to go for dinner for your birthday?
B: I don't really know where I want to go. I am having trouble thinking of a particular restaurant.
A: There is a ……… restaurant directory here in the weekend section of the newspaper.
B: OK, we could look at that.
A: Do you have a particular …….. of food that you would like?
B: I really like Japanese or Thai……… .
A: That Japanese restaurant, Shogun, got good reviews.
B: Oh yeah! I saw a review of that restaurant on television. The reviewer ……… it!
A: Would that be a place that you might like to go to for your birthday?
B: That would work out great! Why don't we call and get a reservation?

Junior Listening 2
1. Devi
2. great
3. type
4. food
5. loved

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