Advanced Listening 7

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1) She did cleaning on _____ .

a) Saturday morning

b) Saturday afternoon

c) Sunday morning

2) When did she go hiking?

a) Saturday morning

b) Sunday morning

c) Saturday afternoon

3) She saw a _____ and a ______ .

a) cat / ferret

b) deer / ferret

c) ferret / ibis

4) At night she _____ .

a) met friends

b) went to a diner

c) watched TV

5) On Sunday she _____ .

a) met her friend

b) went to a museum

 c) did some painting

Advanced Listening-7

  1. a) Saturday morning
  2. c) Saturday afternoon
  3. c) ferret / ibis
  4. c) watched TV
  5. b) went to a museum

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